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Tell me what kind of noise is that? does it come from outside? Is it coming from within? It's with me when I ride my bike. It's with me when I go to sleep. And when I look at the night sky it seems to sound between the stars. Don't tell me you can't hear Don't tell me I have to see a doctor. Or is it our society to blame? That people can't hear so well?Tell me what kind of noise is that? It hums, rattles and vibrates. When i go for a walk And if I break the quarantine The information arrives in my brain. dance and listen carefully dance and listen carefully


recorded last year to celebrate the ending of the 'lockdown', then shared with friends and collaborators .. polyrhythms and ostinatos, drones, fire and ice, whirls ..

Marco Lucchi : synthesizers

M.Nomized : synthesizers

Henrik Meierkord : cello and fx

Pete Swinton : synthesizers

Boson Spin : synthesizers

Rocco Saviano : electric guitar

Wilfried Hanrath : bass guitar and drums

Walter Fini : synthesizers

Agnostura Elwar : electric guitar

Jan Gruenfeld : acoustic guitar, electronics and vocals


released January 16, 2021

music by Marco Lucchi, M.Nomized, Henrik Meierkord, Pete Swinton, Boson Spin, Rocco Saviano, Wilfried Hanrath, Walter Fini, Agnostura Elwar and Jan Gruenfeld

cover by Boson Spin




Marco Lucchi Modena, Italy

a mellow artist aging 64. He loves and releases eclectic music that goes from post-classical to drone. His fav device is the mellotron.

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